Web Services


This page provides information on our web services and frequently asked questions and services.

What are Web Services?

Web services are where we take your existing SoEasy package, including your current and archived data, and move it onto our managed service services. Your software and data are no longer located on your computers and they are 'in the cloud'.


The benefits:

  • work from anywhere you have Internet connection

  • your data is automatically backed up for you

  • we perform all your updates

  • you can run SoEasy on your computers including galaxy and apple tablets

  • SoEasy advanced modules are available specifically to work on our Web services


The overall benefits is less maintenance requirements, faster speeds, and the convenience of being able to work from anywhere.

In addition we have web specialist modules that will help you improve the profitability of your business.


What does it Cost?


  1. If you are an existing user of SoEasy, there is a $120 + gst charge for setting up and moving your data to our web services

  2. If you are a new user there is a $50 + gst set up charge

  3. Each user you wish to have access to the system is charged a monthly 'seat' charge

  4. Additional Services. We provide a range of additional services which are chargeable (see list below)

  5. Services are paid for in advance


User Charges

All charges displayed are exclusive of GST


First user $59.95/mth

Additional users $49.95/mth

Accountant's connection $10.00/mth


Additional Chargeable Services Available



Set up of your accounts, debtors, creditors, and products register

Configure logo for letter head

Set up a new printer


Software purchase

Unlike other web services, at SoEasy you can purchase your SoEasy software.

This means you can run it on your own servers or other providers.

If your site is to have a customisation you will need to purchase your SoEasy software.


Applying for the service


Simply complete the request below and we will contact you to arrange your SoEasy cloud system.

Thank you. Your details were sent successfully! We will be in contact with you shortly.