Our goal is to make business administration easy.

We also like to make things FAST and save you the most valuable commodity, time!

To anyone who has the need for a very easy to use finance package I highly commend the aptly named SoEasy Software. 


After attempting to use other packages on the market and finding them far too complex… I purchased a SoEasy trial Cash Book package and have been using the program ever since!.


I intend using this program for many years to come.


Delia Wickham

Trade Aid & Budget Advisory Services

New Plymouth



The video tutorials have made learning the features of SoEasy very easy for me and my clients! 


Thank you SoEasy!


Karen Tobich

Business Consultant & Life Coach





SoEasy has suited my clients for over twenty years!

When I receive their reports to complete the end of year accounts, I know that the client's processing will be accurate and that makes my job that much easier!


Peter Benson





For all the features available, I am surprised how little it costs!

Mike Lewer

Mytronics Ltd (Reseller)




You just look at the screens and you can easily understand what to do!

Great program and brilliant service/support!


Peter McCarthy

Aluminium Repairs & Security

Mt Maunganui



I first saw the SoEasy software at an Auckland trade fair and was so impressed I had to hold myself back from buying it on the spot. 


I had been running MYOB for 2 years and had in that time become so bogged down in accounting jargon that I had lost all confidence in my abilities. For many years previous to MYOB I had run and developed an Excel based accounting system with which I could do my taxes to IR10 level, so was pretty good at accounting, finance etc. The draw back was the accountants could not check anything and would not accept it. 


Before purchasing SoEasy I investigated all systems available that I could afford but none could compare with its simplicity, in fact they were all like MYOB and that was too scary for me to contemplate. I have been using SoEasy for 3 years now and have regained my confidence and rely on the accountant much less. I have reduced the year end accounts preparation time and my stress levels considerably. I also have all my clients and contacts phone details on SoEasy, transferred from another spreadsheet, which makes accessing and invoicing really easy. In fact invoicing and quotations are so easy to do now; it has reduced this time component considerably for me. 


It is my suggestion that if you want to be an accountant then buy something else, but if you want to make money running your business and have more time selling then buy SoEasy it will solve many of your problems. Thanks SoEasy and keep up the good work.


Ron Dunlop

Multiform Systems Ltd




We have found the team at SoEasy to be very friendly and very helpful. Our cashbook has never been so easy to keep up to date.


Carol Shaw

Mananui Service Station




Hi All at SoEasy!

I, being a green horn at accounting, have, what I feel, become pretty confident in this field. This, being since I took

in the SoEasy programme. It has basically guided me through my teething problems to the extent that our Accountants now accept the information I present them from the SoEasy programme, saving us some expenses. 


With your new ... version, which has obviously taken you a lot of time to develop & perfect, also with me being on a Service Contract, has again proved its worth. I do not have to look for updates anymore, I am told there is an update and bring it in. With the reports provided, all the information one requires is available, absolutely awesome. 


Keep up the good work. I certainly have promoted SoEasy for Dummies like myself!



Bin Inn




We have used the So Easy system for the past 3 years, and always found it easy to use. The people at So Easy are always accommodating and there to help with any issues. 


Ian is an innovative leaders in the field and we would highly recommend the SoEasy software be used in any business situation.


Malcolm and Sue Frieswyk


Mt Maunganui



We have been using So-Easy Cashbook and Platform ... and can say right through its development it has lived up to its name (easy to use and practical). We tried other brands which we found extremely cumbersome to use and the potential ongoing upgrading and maintenance costs were going to be over the top. 


If any potential users want an opinion on the product, please don't hesitate to give me a call as I can thoroughly recommend it.


Greg Bundle

Raftec (NZ) Ltd




I would just like to say that we have used the SoEasy package for 20 years now and find it very simple to use.

This is our fourth business and for every business we have used this accounting package. We have never had any problems understanding any of the procedures required. The financial reports you can print each month are great as you can keep track on how the business is going. Doing GST Returns are a breeze, the system does it for you. At the end of the financial year it is just a click of a button and reports are printed for the Accountant who finds them very easy to follow. 


Thanks SO EASY for making this side of the business so quick for us. As the saying goes the programme is SO EASY.


John and Susanne

The Milk Crew




This program is the easiest to follow and has the best backup of all the programs I have tried. I have bought, and tested, several accounting programs over the years. I was never happy with them. They either cost a small fortune for maintenance each year, and/or just didn't do what I wanted the package to do. So I had to adapt my business to suit them. Not so SoEasy. The program is adaptable to anyone's type of business. Plus it is extremely easy to learn. It certainly lives up to its name. 


I have never regretted getting SoEasy for one moment. I would recommend anyone buy this package it's worth it.


Liz Molony

Mike Molony Electrical

Mt Maunganui



SoEasy has provided our specialist postal service business with a customised system for the efficient administration and processing of data that we need for our clients, for the past 10 years.

We have the benefit of all the accounting functions needed to run the business, plus the additional feature of a quick invoicing process that provides excellent flexibility and efficiency in collating our daily data. SoEasy supports our business through our service contract with them, very effectively and provides great after hours service!! 


We definitely recommend this software product.


Mary & Albie Wilson

Go Postal Kapiti