Terms of Trade


Your custom is greatly appreciated and we provide the following terms:


1. Web Services and Support Contracts


1.1  You can pay your subscription by direct payment.


1.2  We highly recommend setting up an automatic payment through your bank on the due date for the specified amount.


1.3  You can also pay 12 months subscription in advance.


1.4  Fees may increase due to increase costs with 1 month notice.


2. Account Management 


2.1  We value your custom and it is not our intention to penalise customers. If you have a valid reason as to why an invoice is not paid please let us know immediately and we will discuss the issue with you. To avoid automatic fees being loaded onto your account, please pay invoices by the due date.


2.2  Invoices are due to be paid by or on the specified due date of the invoice.


2.2  A 5% per month use of money interest is automatically applied on any invoice overdue amount.


2.3  If you feel this fee is incorrect please advise our accounts department immediately and they will look into the case.


2.4  Any overdue account will attract a further $25 + gst administration fee for each month the account is overdue and will appear on your statement.


2.5   Additional collection costs may be applied to an account that falls into a 2 month or over status and recover charges may also be applied.


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