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The problem for individual invoices is that they can easily become overdue and it is such a time consuming job keeping on-top of overdue accounts. They can easily slip by and before you know it you have $1,000's in overdue invoices!


This plug-in module helps you to get paid on-time by automatically pre-warning customers of accounts due to be paid....


Dear John


Just a reminder that invoice 12345 for $1,190.00 is due to be paid tomorrow.


Please refer to our Terms of Trade for more information about our account management policy.


Any questions please do not hessitate to contact me.


Kind regards






and if they become overdue, imposing interest against the invoice and informing customers of overdue charges.



Dear John


As per our Terms of Trade your invoice 12345 is still unpaid and has attracted 


1. A monthly use of money interest fee $10


Total to pay $1,200.00


Please pay this invoice to avoid further penalties.


Our bank account details are xxx-xxxx-xxxxxx


Yours truly


Accounts Department



How it works


1. Once you have configured your desired options, each day the system will automatically or manually scan your customers' invoices and perform five specific functions:


  1. If the invoice is due to be paid within X number of days it will email the customer a friendly reminder that the invoice is due payment within the X number of days. You can include details of your  terms of trade and any other message you may like.

  2. If the invoice is overdue it will send an email reminder that the invoice is overdue and warn that overdue charges may be applied if not paid today/soon (all user definable).

  3. After X days the system will automatically add interest based on the balance of the invoice and email the customer that overdue interest has been applied.

  4. During the statement run, if the customer has received an overdue account warning this month, and there is still an overdue amount, a flat administration fee is added to their account.

  5. Their account can also be automatically put on 'stop credit' until a user removes the stop credit or the customer settles their overdue account.


Specific customers can be deselected from the routine or deselected for a specific period of time. This is useful for situations where the customer provides a solution and you decide to delay any further action for X number of days. For negotiation purposes, you can remove overdue fees after they have been applied.


You can also set up that up to 3 specific staff receive a daily report on overdue accounts and the actions taken during the day's overdue account analysis.


This plug-in is the ultimate method of managing overdue accounts and helps you to maintain your cash flow. It is an absolute MUST HAVE for today's economy.


The sqeeky wheel gets the oil!

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