Service Industry Module

The Service Industry Module provides a repetitive processing method for lodging and processing a job.

For example:

A company that fixes vacuum cleaners.


The Service Industry Module will:

  • book the job in

  • identify the type of job such as 

    • manufacturers guarantee

    • a charge job

    • no charge

    • service contract

    • re-service

  • produce a job sheet and  label to go onto the goods so the goods can be tracked through the service process.


Special Job Management screens keep track of the job’s progression.

Throughout the process the job can be allocated to various staff and progresses through a series of user definable steps until complete.


Example of steps:

  1. To quote

  2. Awaiting customer acceptance

  3. Accepted

  4. Awaiting parts

  5. Parts arrived

  6. Service complete

  7. Testing

  8. Contact customer

  9. Account paid

  10. Complete


From the system, technicians can look up service manuals, order parts, keep notes, and add the time taken to service the equipment.


Technicians can also be set up with the Time Maximiser Module to create a co-ordinated paperless office environment and provide additional accuracy in timing the service.