Scaffolding Management System


The scaffolding system has been created over many years and is an efficient way to mange jobs and get paid on time. The system includes an Advanced Debtors Management system which can deliver and record Terms of Trade and keeps track of individual invoices payment terms. It can issue overdue warnings, apply overdue interest and use of money fees. For this industry it is very important to keep on top of accounts as unfortunately many building projects fail and as a result, scaffolding companies can loose equipment to receivers. Our debtors management system is the first line of defense and can help you avoid the loss of money and equipment.


Methods of installation

An important aspect of our program is that people purchase a software licence.

This means that the company owns their software and is a major point of difference between a product like Xero (where you lease the software) and SoEasy where you own a licence.


Once you own a licence you have the option of running it on either:

1. Your own local PC network

2. Our managed server services located in Auckland


The benefit of our managed server option is that your application is in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

You can achieve the same result with a local PC installation but our server service is probably easier and cost effective.


Scaffolding System Costs

The scaffolding system is based upon our Enterprise product and costs as follows:


Software Licence Prices


Single user licence = $1,250 + gst

Multi user licence (up to 5 people shared access) = $3650 + gst


These prices include up to 5 hours of set up and training assistance which we provide over the Internet and telephone. It's a convenient method of achieving results and users really like the simplicity and convenience of the support service.


You can also purchase a support contract for your site at a cost of $69.95 + gst per month


Managed Server Fees

If a user decides to use our Managed Server Services these services include:

a) All updates and upgrades to the software

b) Daily backup of data

c) Support


Prices are:

First user $49.95 + gst per month

Additional users $39.95 + gst per month


A managed server service is different than a 'web hosted service' like Xero.

With SoEasy your software is installed onto a high spec Microsoft Server which means the application runs securely and very fast.

You still connect over the Internet to the server, from any device such as Mac, Android, or Microsoft PC, but unlike a web hosted service, the system runs extremely fast. This is a major benefit as typically you can get more work done in less time.