You can create quotations quickly and send by post or email to the customer.

Profit analysis

During the creation of a quotation you can choose to see the profitability of the job as you create the quote.



You can follow up quotations through the Quotations Management Screen. 

This enables you to secure more jobs and achieve better results.



By creating templates through the Products Register you can quickly build quotations based upon common requirements. You can also print out template price lists for use by your sales team.


Converting quotations

You can convert quotations into jobs and invoices by the click of a button.

During this process you can set the invoice as a ‘fixed-price invoice’ or a ‘zero cost invoice’. 


Job Profitability Reporting

By zeroing the cost of an invoice you can load actual costs against the invoice. These costs can be set as hidden on the customer’s documents, and enables you to gain accurate profitability of the job. You can also link jobs/invoices together and build a full profitability report on the entire project over any period.