Products Register

You can add products and services to the register and use these in the process of creating quotes and invoices.

The types of products you can add include physical items, services, labour, and complex items such as those sold in quantity, length and width. You can also add products on the fly.


Product register fields include:

  • supplier code and optional code

  • barcodes

  • various sale prices

  • maximum discount

  • quantity price break discounts

  • notes

  • unit of measure

  • weighted product with deduction of packaging

  • stock control features

    • control stock yes/no

    • in stock

    • minimum quantity to stock

    • normal order quantity

  • various stock deduction options including

    • adjust current product only

    • adjust alternative product only

    • adjust both products

  • serialised product tracking

  • images

  • web links to more information


Web management

SoEasy’s Products Register features allow you to import the products register into various web applications and content management systems. This saves you a great deal of time when maintaining web shopping cart products.



SoEasy has a comprehensive stock performance analysis system that allows you to analyse product by:

  • location i.e. shelf position

  • category

  • heading

  • supplier

  • specific margin results

  • volume of sales

  • bestseller

  • worst seller


Additional stock management modules
Stock Conversion Module

This module allows you to convert stock from one item to another. This is ideal for making stock items from a bulk product.


Advanced Stock Ordering Module

This module analyses sales and works out what orders are required.


Retail Stock Management Module

Immediately co-ordinate the replenishment of shelves from the stock on hand and suppliers.



You can create templates of items and use these templates to quickly create quotes, bill out items, produce price lists, and perform job management verification tasks.


Stock ordering

You can create individual supply orders, just in time orders, and order for an invoice. Or you can use the Advanced Stock Ordering Module which can automatically calculate orders based upon replacement of sold items or minimum stock requirements, and automatically or manually send the order to the supplier.