Point-of-Sale Systems 

We currently have 12 different Point of Sale systems to suit a wide range of retail activities.

The POS systems are all designed for:

  • touch screen or keypad usage

  • thermal receipt printers

  • barcode scanning or manual input

  • cash draw activation


Systems include:

  • General POS

  • Selection POS where you can program 4000 or more items into the screen

  • Produce POS for fruit and vegetable stands

  • My Mechanic POS for mechanics

  • Salon POS for beauty salons

  • Repair POS for repair shops

  • Takeaway POS for fast-food outlets

  • Computer Shop POS

  • Furniture Shop POS

  • Photocopy Shop POS for printers and graphic artists

  • Jewellers POS for jewellers and watchmakers

  • • Custom POS where we can customise POS to suit your business


You can run multiple tills with each transaction recording staff member, sales till, date and time. End of day reports produce information about each till’s activity.


The system has many built-in security features to alert you to any unusual activities by staff members.


End of day procedure

The end of day procedure is very easy to process and includes:

  • banking reports 

  • daily takings report

  • optional replenishment calculation of the float


You can also have an SMS text sent to your phone to let you know what the end of day takings were and any variance that may have occurred in cashing up.