Invoicing and Debtors Management

Creating an invoice is quick and easy!

Once an invoice has been completed, close the invoice for it to become part of the customer's account. From here the Debtor’s Management System will help you make sure that the account is paid.


Leave invoice open

When you create an invoice it can be left open until the entire transaction has been completed.  A special Show Open Invoices screen or the Job Management screen will show you what invoices/jobs are yet to be closed.


Job cards

You can maintain the invoice as a job card until the transaction has been completed.

You can print or email job cards, or with our advanced Time Maximiser Module you can send a job to a staff member without the need to print the job card or for them to even come into the office.


Bill materials and labour

You can bill items, services, and labour against an invoice/job card or just use the entries as costing entries to enable you to get accurate costs. Costing only entries can be hidden so they do not appear on the customer’s invoice.


Time sheet logger

If you are using a manual time sheet system, you can input the information directly into the Time Sheet Logger Module. When the details are entered the time used on a job can be billed or just costed against the job. These entries show up in a special time section of the invoice screen.


Job management

When you create an invoice you can also treat an invoice as a job sheet.

You can enhance this job sheet by allocating it:

  • date of job

  • expected duration

  • allocate to staff members

  • give it a status

  • notes

  • customer and contractor/s details

  • health and safety details


With SoEasy’s Job Management System you can review all of your jobs and manage their progress.