How to have a better life, guaranteed!

CHAPTER 1 Can you improve your life?

Ian Stephenson 20/12/2014


Imagin if every day you could make your life a little bit better than the day before.

Each day would be an improvement on the previous day. How amaizing would that be?


In 70 days it would look like this:


  • Day 1=1% better

  • Day 30=33% better

  • Day 60=80% better

  • Day 70=99% better - your life would be 2 times better than it is now.


The reason it is 99% at day 70 and not 70% (70 days x 1%) is because the results are compounding on a daily basis.

Einstein said, "The most powerful force in the universe is 'compounding interest'!" and the effect of continuous improvement componds each day to improve the next.


What does 2 times better mean?

  1. You will have better health

  2. Your financial position will be better

  3. Your relationships will be richer and more rewarding

  4. You will enjoy your job/business/studies more or mayby just succeed in getting a job!

  5. You will contribute to your environment

  6. You will be more planned


If you continue the process you are going to be very surprised at the results:

The above chart shows in one year of application you could achive a life 40 x better than where you are today!

It's hard to imagine what that means right now but the maths is correct, the ability is there, and the real challenge is working out how every day can be an improvement on the last and sticking to the program.


At the very least if you engage the 1% per day process, instead of just progressively getting older and prone to age related illnesses you can become fitter, develop more intellectually, and achive a significant improvement on your future!


Could it be done? I started to write down my daily progress to see if it was possible.


The first place to start was to take stock of my position. I soon discovered that the biggest problem to the concept of self development was that I had become set in a daily routine that was not progressively improving my life.


Version 1 - daily routine


An example of a typical day used to be:


I wake up, get a shower, have breakfast, put the dishes away, look for my clothes, get dressed, climb into my car and go to work. The petrol tank needs filling up so I call into the petrol station which makes me later for work. I join the larger traffic jam, listen to the radio and find out the world has a lot of problems. I arrive at work, get a coffee, work out what I am supposed to do for the day. Finish at 5 and join the traffic home. Eat dinner, feel exhausted, think how nice it would be to relax, have a beer and plonk myself in front of the TV until bed time.


A typical day for many people and it is a routine with many stressful moments, declining health and limited self growth.

It's the groove of the daily grind, could it be better?


Let’s try it again …


Version 2 - daily routine


On Sunday I make sure my car has petrol so I don’t have a problem during the week.

I create a meal plan and shop for organic, nutrient dense whole foods that provide my body with the lifestyle fuel that will keep me fit, healthy and give me sustainable energy. This process actualy saves me money which I can use for improving my finacial position.


Before I go to bed I put the dishes away, work out my clothes for the next day and set my gym gear aside so I can get into them without even thinking, "'where the heck are my clothes!".


  • I look for 10 quick things I can do before bed. This has an amaizing effect in that you wake up and there is nothing to do!

  • I drink a small glass of alkaline water to keep me hydrated during the night and to assist in eliminating toxins.

  • I make the bedroom as dark as possible so as to elliminate disturbance.

  • I sleep on a memory foam pillow that offers excellent support and less tossing and turning.

  • I put a nose strip on which provides 30% more oxygen flow to the brain, avoids snoring, and helps improve the clarity of your mind.

  • As I fall a sleep I listen to a relaxing sound track. It cleans away thoughts, you fall asleep quickly, and helps you enter the deep restorative sleep phase faster.


In effect it is a planned shut down and the benefits are considerable:

  1. I need less sleep.

  2. Saves me 1 hour per day=365 hours a year or close to 1 month of awake time

  3. My sleep has rejuvinated my body and mind

  4. I wake up totally alive and focused. This is a key! If you wake up with a dull mind it is because of what you did the night before

  5. My day has the best chance for being productive and an improvement on the previous day


I wake up feeling great at 5:00 am and I am rearing to go! This is a very important measurement and result. If you wake up feeling refreshed and alive then your pre-sleep routine is correct. So many people wake up groggy and need to have a coffee to wake themselves up. What if you woke up feeling alive, how would this change your life? I have also experienced waking up as if I have not slept and when I look back at the previous day I can always see why. For many this becomes the norm and they conclude that they are 'not a morning person".

Why not try to improve your routines and see if over a few days you can change how you feel when you wake up? The benefits are significant.


I drink a small glass of green water to re-hydrate from my sleep and take on essential minerals and vitamins at a colloidal level, eat an organic apple (this will help wake me up and provide a huge range of minerals and vitamins for my cells to use), make lunch (a salad, nuts, some fruit snacks and 2 x 750 ml of alkaline water), tidy the house, take a pre workout drink and go to the gym.


I work out for 45 minutes and focus on a specific routine. Each day I rotate through several different routines to get an all over workout.

I get a shower at the gym (which saves on my power bill) and dress in my work clothes. Get to work at 6.30 am and avoid any traffic jams. I make a protein drink to avoid lactic acid build up and help fuel muscle maintenance and eat my breakfast at work. Usually a small portion of low GI protein and carbohydrate based breakfast such as whole foods, organic gluten free super grain muesli with almond milk, and get straight into my work because I already knew what I was going to do for the day because I planned it the previous day. I am lucky because I have a job where I can determine my own hours (I planned this). I work 8.45 hours until 3:15 pm and then plan my next day’s work. I leave work at 3:30 to 4:15 and go home. I miss the traffic which saves me time. As I worked an effective 40 hours in 4 days I get 3 day weekends to do as I wish!


I have a light meal such as salad with chicken and focus on a project that I want to achieve for 2 hours. In 4 days I have spent 8 hours on a self improvement project.  I review my weekend plan which I am so looking forward to and do my end of day routines. I climb into bed at 8:30 and read for 30 minutes. Fall a sleep and prepare for the next day.


The outcomes of each style of daily routine are totally different and on a daily basis, version 2 leads to continuously better days and a better life.


  • I am fitter

  • My body has gained cellular nutrition

  • I am clear headed with an improvement in mental dynamics

  • I have worked effectively

  • I have saved money

  • I am organised

  • I am always looking forward to the future

  • I feel great

  • I have a life plan based upon my own design


I have lived the care free lifestyle where one day drifts into the next and I was ok with it. However as I get older I realise that life is not forever and I want to sieze the day! I want to experience all the things I have ever dreamt of seeing and take part in all the things that this amaizing world has to offer.


Ok I am extream... or am I? Like it or not people do everything I have talked about but without thinking. They are driven by external and internal demands and are forced into leading a life that they feel they are freely guiding but in reality they are not. For example, you feel hungry so decide to get a pie and coke. This will satisfy you for the short term but it will not provide you with long term nutrition. You had little choice but convenience and availability guided you to the outcome. Where as I knew I would get hungry so prepared a nutritious meal (that cost less) and it added value to the next part of my life. You woke up, hit the snooze button a few times, eventually had to climb out of bed to get to work, drank coffee, ate a convenient breakfast that was possibly a high GI rating (you will be hungry again soon) and rushed around trying to get to work on time. I am already there and have set the scene for a very productive day and a great 3 day weekend.


All things are learned. We first learn from our parents, then our friends, teachers, commercials and role models and we think we are leading a normal life. How about re-leaning and leading your own life? You design it, you choose, and make it yours. If you improve 1% each day, in 1 year your life is mathematically 40 times greater. What that means will depend on what you want to do with it. This is true freedom!


In this book I will talk about my real life experience. I will tell you what I did, how I did it, and what the outcomes where.

I will share my experiences with you and you can build your own life according to new knowledge. 


Understanding your current point of view

I am a programmer and I write code that achives a result. You push a button and the code performs a function. I can add or deduct from the code to achieve more or less within the function. I can also modify the code to work faster or slower or even achieve a greater outcome.


Your brain works exactly the same way. You have a series of learned experiences that you execute and achive an outcome.

Over your lifetime you have constructed 1,000's of routines which make up your core of knowledge and personality. This includes speach, posture, facial expresions, food choices, energy, attitudes, desires and beliefs.


What if you were to re-examin these personal codes and re-write them to create the thoughts and life you always wanted? It can be done but to do it you have to think outside your current source code. You are locked into a way of thinking because you have no way to think outside what you already know other than to gain knowledge and instruction from a third party. Unfortnately a lot of third party knowledge is corrupted with incorrect assumptions. Take music for example. People will sing about thier personal experience and if it's a catchy tune your brain will engage it and bring in the message. Their experience does not have to be yours.


For you to change your life you need to be able to access your source code and change it for the better.


Baby steps first. We are going to reverse engineer your code and to do this we need to create categories so you can identify the main structural content of your thought patterns.


Areas of Improvement


If you are going to have a lifestyle improvement plan it is a good idea to categorise the specific areas of improvement you are looking for such as:


  1. Enviroment maintenace

  2. Health improvements

  3. Financial growth

  4. Relationships

  5. Spiritualism

  6. Planning


Lets take a look at one category for a moment and see how we can improve it.


The first part to designed improvement is that you need to have a plan. Lets look at health improvements and see what can be achieved.


Go to your fridge and take out a 1 or 2 litre bottle of milk.

Outstretch your arm and lift it up.

It weighs quite a bit, approximately 1 to 2 Kgs. Now walk around with it for 60 seconds.

It's going to get painful. Your muscles will start to strain and you are going to notice a strong desire to put the bottle down. If you keep holding it up your going to strain and eventualy decide that you no longer want to hold the bottle up.


Let it down. When you let it down the weight is still the same but you have now allowed it to come into your centre of gravity. Holding it by your side is much easire but it's exactly the same weight. You have simply transfered it to a different position that your are used to carrying weight. Imagine if you had to carry that bottle for an hour in the outstreched position. That would create a lot of problems, exhaust you and cause you to have strained muscels. But we are still carrying the weight. We have simply positioned it differently. Your body is still having to carry weight it does not need and it is still being strained. Fat is a store of energy. It has no actual strength. Muscel can carry weight so idealy what would be better if we could loose fat and convert it to muscel. If we have more muscel we will have more funcioning body tissue able to 


Now think about your body weight. Your body is made up of fats and muscels. If you are carrying fat, you probably 



When you engage the process of improving your life a little bit every day, there is a compounding effect that builds quickly to create an even greater result; a better life!


For example, by drinking specific water each day your body will be more hydrated and at a cellular level, you are helping your body repair and de-toxify. You will have better energy and be mentaly and physically maintained longer. This factor influences your enjoyment of life and your health. You will avoid the health problems related to dehydration and when you call upon your body to do something energetic, it responds. Where as if you drink beer or wine each day it will dehydrate you, increase your intake of sugars and alcohol which is not good for you and will cost you money to maintain the habit. If you drink before bed it will affect the quality of your sleep and also cause your waking process to be distorted.


I am not saying that you should not have a glass of wine or a beer but I am saying that if you think about what you do on a regular basis and how it will affect you in the long term, you can work out how to improve your habits for a better daily outcome.


Improving by one percent a day is an amazing journey. Where it leads you too is for you to decide. This is the true measure of your freedom of choice, you are in control and you truly call the shots and not a victim of habit. Be wary of giving your life to procrastination, take charge and be all that you want to be.


In this book/blog I will give you some of the ideas that have helped me to be happier, healthier and most of all, wiser. The learning never stops.

Where do you start?

The first place to start is to understand time. Time is either your friend or your enemy and if so, you have to make it your friend.


One of the biggest time wasters is an untidy enviroment. 


For example, if your house/office/garage is a mess it is always going to cause you to be caught up in time wasting sessions. Everything needs to be highly organised so that a) You can find things when you need them b) Are not delayed by the need to tidy something up c) Everthing is sorted to help you achieve more. Even if it takes a week to tidy everything up, it is a worthwhile exercise.



1. Allow 1 hour a day to tidy everything up

2. Allow 3 hours a weekend to tidy things up. Have a routine plan of what to do.


This takes away a huge amount of mental stresses.


4:30 am - Where can you start?



I started my 1% journey with one simple step, I went for an early morning walk.I steped through the gate at the back of our house and found a world of continuous improvement.


It's fantastic to see the day wake up, The sky is clear or moody, the birds start their early morning chorus, the sea reflects the morning sky and the dawn arrives in all its incredible glory. No two mornings are the same and they truly are incredible!


What's more, in one hour I burn 400 calories and started my healthier lifestyle. It is so important to focus on fitness because with fitness you get more energy and very importantly, increase your vitality!



There are five keys to fitness


  1. Sleep quality and quantity

  2. Hydration

  3. Nutrition

  4. Exercise

  5. Mental clarity


No matter what your current position is on each of these areas, it can be improved.

People have been in critically ill conditions, improved their aspects of each of these areas and have gone into complete remission!


These areas are a core to improving your life by 1% per day. They are very easy to establish but require a change in mental attitude to maintain. The secret is to make them a part of your everyday thoughts and simply see the benefits. We are a species that have a thought process that can be easily manipulated. An advert telling you that coke refreshes lives with you from the time you are born to the time you die. The bit they don't tell you is that coke is of no specific long term nutritional value.







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