Import Products & Invoices

To keep your Products Register up-to-date you can import the products from your suppliers’ downloadable files.

Suppliers may also provide importable invoices which you can import into SoEasy.

Product Register Imports

During the import the system automatically works out whether it should add a new product or update the price of an existing product.


You can use this feature to export your own personal products register and send to distributors for import into their system. 


To keep your prices and content up-to-date you can export your products to a spreadsheet, make changes and re-import the information back into your system.


Various export functions allow you to provide product information for import into web content and on-line shopping cart management systems.



Invoice Imports

You can import a creditor’s batch of invoices from their online system. During the import, transactions can automatically be allocated against customer jobs. This reduces the time required to maintain a creditor’s and customer accounts. All you have to do is provide the SoEasy Invoice/Job number at the time of ordering and the rest is automatic.


During the import you can set the system to either record the cost, or record cost and charge the customer’s invoice. The items can also be excluded from the customer’s printed invoice.