Surviving Covid-19 - Immunity

Every minute of the day you are either improving your immunity system or not.

Immunity is the shield that protects you from the ravages of the outside world,

It is an evolved internal mechanism of defence.

Can you improve your immunity?

You may have noticed that the stats on Covid-19 show the age group of 0-9 year olds do not appear to being infected.

So what is so special about this age group? To work this out we need to make some deductions:

  1. You have just been created and your Human Growth Hormone is at its peak

  2. You may have been breast fed and do not ingest bad foods or drinks

  3. Your intake of refined carbohydrates may have been low. However this may not be the case

  4. You sleep a lot more than 10 + year olds

The take home here is Human Growth Hormone, nutrition, sleep and this age group is active.

1: Sleep

Go to bed early and read a book until drowsy.

Or listen to a meditation track as you gently drift off to sleep.

You want to sleep throughout the night and wake up refreshed. If you are not, find out why and resolve it.

2: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH is the body's development hormone. It runs around your system trying to keep everything in good condition and developing.

After a certain age it tends to decrease. However to be fit and healthy, you want it to increase.

I have written a blog about it here:

3: Nutritional Improvements

With nutritional Improvements you want to simply eat the right foods.

  1. Reduce the carbohydrates and refined sugars intake

  2. Increase fruits and vegetables

  3. Reduce eating meat

  4. Do not drink your calories (This includes fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Yes fruit juices are typically not good for you)

  5. Drop sugar as much as possible

  6. Engage Intermittent Fasting (See Human Growth Hormone)

4: Hydration

"Don't drink your calories" is an important understanding. Every calorie you consume needs to be for the greater good. When you drink fizzy drinks, juices, or sugary drinks, you are consuming calories that your body is going to have to use up to eliminate the energy.

If it doesn't, then it will store the calories as fats and this causes a sluggish system.


Good Hydration foods are:

  1. Mineral Water

  2. Filtered Water

  3. Lemon and Ginger

  4. Green Tea 

Top Hint: Drink one large glass of mineral or filtered water as soon as you wake up. This will set up a healthy rehydration routine that you won't easily miss.

Top Foods To Incorporate into your Daily Intake

​These are my pick of the top 13 immunity facilitating foods.

Each has a researched property that improves wellbeing and adds a positive entry into your nutritional intake.

Incorporating them into your daily diet is easy but you have to make a conscious effort to buy them and learn what to do with them.

  1. Sauerkraut - Add to salads, wrapps, or just eat raw

  2. Ginger - Ginger and lemon drink, stir fry, smoothies

  3. Garlic - Eat cloves raw, stir fry and add to cooking, soups

  4. Turmeric + Black Pepper (a must) - Add to smoothies, soups, even drink

  5. Dark Leafy Green Vegetables - Salads and every meal

  6. Bell Peppers - Salads, smoothies, raw

  7. Lentils + Chickpeas - Salads, Soups, wraps

  8. Sunflower Seeds - Smoothies, raw, salads

  9. Walnuts - Smoothies, raw, salads

  10. Mushrooms - Cook and add onions, herbs

  11. Berries - Smoothies and raw

  12. Green Tea - Drink

  13. Cilantro/parsley/basil - Smoothies, salads, wrapps.

Things to Avoid

  1. Reduce your alcohol intake. That doesn't mean you have to eliminate it. But a reduction is proportional to an improvement in health as every drink is an unneeded calorie.

  2. Meat - Meat is a slow digester and if you eat it on a daily basis, chances are you are not giving your digestion long enough to process yesterday or the day before's meal. This is a ticking time bomb.

  3. Chlorine and or fluoride (found in tap water). Although they can be found in town supplied water, they are still chemicals that your body has to eliminate. They are there to keep the bad bacteria out of the water system. You need to filter them away before you drink them

  4. Refined Carbohydrates. This includes bread, white rice, pasta, buns, cakes, biscuits, sweets, and sugar drinks

  5. Potatoes - Check their Glycemic Load

Glycemic Load

Learn about GL and discover energy.

"The difference between a good diet and a bad one is that a good one will give you energy and

look after your health for a very long time"