Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

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Windows XP is Retired


Now that Windows XP is being 'retired', many customers are enquiring about what systems they should be moving to.


WEB Subscription Service


In 2011 we started the work to get our software Web based. This is now complete. In this model you use any PC to connect over the Internet to our managed server platform which is hosted in Auckland. This option will work on any Windows, Android, Mac or Linux system be it 32 or 64 bit.


Our server based version is a subscription based model where you pay for us to manage your SoEasy package. This is the model that most software companies are moving to as it is easier for us to provide support and is also more convenient for you in that you can work from anywhere such as home or overseas.


PC Based Version


You can still run SoEasy on any version of Windows as long as it is the 32bit version of the operating system. 32 bit versions are available in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 but you must ask your pc vendor specifically to have the operating system installed on your New PC before you purchase it.


If you would like to upgrade to our web services please contact us.


Monitor Size


SoEasy is now being developed specifically for large monitors.

It is extreamly beneficial to specify a 24" Full HD monitor when purchasing your next PC.


In addition is is highly recommended to get 2 Full HD monitors set up for your new computer as this will increase your productivity by as much as 25%! (For every 4 days working on your PC you could easily save 1 whole day in improved productivity!)



New Modules


We have a large range of new modules being released which include:


  • Advanced Stock Management

  • Staff Log On Systems

  • Health and Safety components

  • Profitability by the minute management panels


Web based version is definitely the way to progress with your infrastructure. For more information please complete the following form.


It is important to note that XP is still a very good operating system and as long as you have a solid backup and recovery plan XP could last you for many years to come.


If you are considering an upgrade because of a speed issue, consider getting a SSD hard drive installed in your old PC. Usually improves performance by at least a factor of 5 and as an upgrade, may easily out perform the new operating systems.





Web Based Version of SoEasy

Most sofware companies these days are producing software that runs over the Web and our new versions of SoEasy are all designed to do this as well.


Our web version runs on a secure Windows Server platform which is very secure and very fast!

Unlike browser based programs, SoEasy uses Remote Desktop Protocols to connect the user in a secure session with our servers based in Auckland.


There are many advantages to our web server based version:

  • Secure

  • Fast

  • Less issues that browser based products

  • We perform all the updates so you don't need to

  • We take backups of your data

    • Every 15 minutes

    • Every day

  • Work anywhere at any time you have Internet connection

  • You can work on any platform including

    • Any version of Windows

    • Linux

    • Apple

    • Android

  • Share your system with your accountant

  • Your staff can work from home

  • With our advanced modules you can connect all your mobile staff including

  • Service people

  • Sales Reps

  • Managers

  • Set up telemarketing people who can work from home

  • Support of your system by our support technicians is faster


As a strategic improvement to the management of your business our web version is the correct way to go.


New User Costs

  • You purchase your required modules

  • We install the system onto our web servers

  • You pay a yearly subscription fee which is available to be paid in monthly installments


Existing Users

  • We convert your existing data to our web version. Cost is $120 + gst

  • You pay a yearly subscription fee which is available to be paid in monthly installments


Your administration system is one of the most important parts of your business. You use it everyday, it helps you keep everything organised, and helps you make your cash flow. It is so important to realise that the costs of on-going feature development are significant and your monthly subscription not only helps pay for the web service costs, they also pay for support and development.


We are constanly imroving functions to help save you time, improve cash flow, and reduce the comlexity of economic compliance.


We are now developing into the areas of:

  1. Review and development of existing features

  2. Asset Mangement

  3. Health and Safety

  4. Meetings


These features help you build a better business. We are part of your team and work on the backend of your systems to provide front end fuctionality. The web versions get these developments faster and are far more easily deployed into your work space.


For  more information or to talk to a representative about moving to our web versions please contact us.



Other Questions:


I cannot select where to save my bank's transaction file


The solution should be:


1. Open Google Chrome

2. Select the settings icon (top right star gear)

3. Select Settings

4. Scroll to bottom and select 'Show advanced settings'

5. Scroll down until you find Downloads

6. Set the 'Ask' option

7. All done


The settings frequently get changed by Google updates so if you find that you cannot select where to save files in future, you need to re-do this setting process.


Don't forget to save the file to C:\BANK and that the file is called soeasy.qif