Add company details and people's names and addresses into SoEasy’s CRM database.

Add suppliers, customers, prospects, staff, and any other group that you wish to work with. 
You can then work with the information to produce notes, quotes, invoices, and a variety of other functions.
Features include
  • send SMS text – pre built templates or custom content

  • send email – pre built templates or custom content

  • visit their webpage

  • set trade rating

  • assign to a group and profile

  • assign to a chart of accounts division

  • assign to a rep

  • assign to a task

  • analysis of trading history

  • next call required

  • on mailing list

  • keep quick notes

  • debtor’s management information

  • trading history

  • current transactions

  • fast search functions

  • create notes and make appointments

  • record and work with individual staff


From the database screen you can also create:

  • quotes

  • invoices

  • credit notes

  • receive payments

  • work with their creditor’s account

  • work with the products they supply you


There are many different screens of information you can select at the touch of a button.