Creditors System

Load all your supplier bills into SoEasy’s creditor’s management system and keep on top of when bills are due to be paid.

Allocate bills to customers

During the input of a supplier’s invoice, you can allocate part or the entire invoice against individual jobs and bill the customer immediately. This makes sure all customers are charged accordingly for products and services you buy in.


You can also just bill the cost of the product against the customer’s invoice; set the entry not to show on the printed invoice, and use the information to create accurate job costing and profitability reports.


Cashbook import

When importing your cashbook you can allocate individual payments against a creditor’s account. This saves you a lot of time and keeps your accounts accurate with no double handling.


Import creditors’ invoices

You can import a creditor’s batch of invoices from their online system. During the import, transactions can automatically be allocated against customer jobs. This reduces the time required to maintain a creditor’s and customer accounts. All you have to do is provide the SoEasy Invoice/Job number at the time of ordering and the rest is automatic.


During the import you can set the system to either record the cost, or record cost and charge the customer’s invoice. The items can also be excluded from the customer’s printed invoice.


Creditor’s analysis

You can review a creditor’s transaction history and perform in-depth analysis. You can identify payments due over a period of 60 days. This feature helps you manage your cash flow better.