Surviving Covid-19

To survive a virus, it is very important to establish a strong mindset and implement the best possible measures. This section of our web page is dedicated to ideas that will help you survive the Covid-19 chapter of the world we live in.

To make an informed decision you need to first understand the options.

In the following section we will discuss the various factors to take on board. 

There are only four scenarios worth considering:

  1. A vaccine is released for public usage

    1. Minimise your personal exposure until the vaccine is available​

    2. Minimise your ability to infect others

  2. The virus dies out of its own accord

    1. Minimise your personal exposure until the virus dies out

    2. Minimise your ability to infect others

  3. You are naturally immune

    1. Increase your immunity​

  4. You contract the virus and recover

    1. Increase your immunity​​

This basic analysis identifies three specific topics:

  1. Minimise your personal exposure

  2. Minimise infecting others

  3. Increase your immunity

Understanding "Personal Exposure Rate" (PER)


Consider the following scenarios:

You live on your own, you don't go out and no one visits you.

Your personal exposure rate (PER) is 0% and there is no risk. Not a realistic situation though.

You go for a meeting at a coffee shop. You are now exposed to staff, customers, products, and foreign surfaces.

  • The petrol station where you filled up your car

  • The walk as you pass people and objects

  • The suppliers to the business

  • The chair and table you sit at

  • The staff

  • The cup and saucer

  • The other customers

The Personal Exposure Rate is incalculable and is further increased by the duration of the visit.

For the purpose of this exercise let us attach an exposure rate figure of 10% for the coffee shop visit meaning that your chances of catching the virus increased by 10% (purley a made up figure).

Understanding the "Increasing Potential Infection Rate" (IPIR)

Next consider that as time progresses, and more people contract the virus, that the Potential Infection Rate increases by at a compounding of 10% each week.

This means that each week, the chance of catching the virus from exposure to other people not only increases by 10%, but also by the compounding effect of 10%. This would mean the IPIR would look like this:

Week 1 = 10.00%

Week 2 = 21.00%

Week 3 = 33.10%

Week 4 = 46.41%

Week 5 = 61.05%

Week 6 = 77.16%

Week 7 = 94.87%

If this mathematical model was true, by week 7, you are 100% likely to be exposed to the virus.

Understanding the "Reduction of Exposure Factor" (ROEF)

Every Time you do not go out or meet other people, you are reducing your chances of exposure to the virus.

Of course, if you have the virus, and you don't go out, you are also reducing everyone else's chance of catching it from you.

STRATEGY 1: Avoid Going Out

Each time you refrain from going out, you are reducing your risk considerably and the risk to others.

However this strategy may be completely impractical for you and you will be left with two other options:

  1. Protection

  2. Immunity

STRATEGY 2: Protection

So it is impracticable to not go out. Strategy 2 involves creating a barrier between you and the virus.


It is highly probable that the only realistic way the virus can enter your body is via your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Each of these entrances that you can shield reduces your chance of contracting the virus.

It is also important to realise that the virus can be picked up on hands, clothes, and feet, and transported to these entrances very easily.

Placing a barrier between you and others is an option. This would include:

  1. Clothing

  2. Eyewear

  3. Facemask

  4. Gloves

  5. Shoes

It all depends on if you can be bothered to go to this extreme. It is a lot of maintenance and easy to slip up.

You would also have to include a quarantine and cleaning process of these items as you moved from the public space to home.

This means having a cleaning process whenever you come back from being away.

STRATEGY 3: Immunity

Your body has been protecting you since before you were born.

It is an extremely complex and capable component of any strategy designed to avoid or recover from Covid-19.

All you have to do to improve your immunity is to understand its mechanism and engage in a healthy lifestyle.


You can achieve this through:

  1. Sleep Quality

  2. Hydration

  3. Diet

  4. Exercise

  5. Mindfulness

We will go into more details about this strategy in various dedicated sections of this web page.

In the meantime, this has provided the foundation of understanding that is critical to surviving Covid-19 and any other virus that may present itself in the future. If you get this right, then you are in a far better position for anything else that may arise in the future. The more dedicated to establishing you and your associates position the better your chances of survival.