Cash Book


SoEasy Cash Book comes as a standard module with all versions of SoEasy.

The Front Company Menu 

The Front Company Menu provides you with access to your company’s data. 

Simply click on your company name for access.


You can add additional companies, set up printers, check for updates, and gain help and support.



Record your receipts and payments, produce budgets, report on cash flow, and produce your GST returns.


You can also import your transactions from your bank's webpage.


Features include

  • standard chart of accounts

  • create accounts to suit

  • monitor specific divisions of your business

  • artificial intelligent functions check your transactional information is correct

  • track funding

  • GST analysis showing you why you're paying GST

  • GST analysis on import of transactions so you can pay GST as you go

  • memorise transactions to save time

  • dissect transactions to many accounts

  • fully integrated with all other ledgers


Staff Security

You can set up staff members who can log onto the system and have access to various areas of the programme.


Features include

  • access to different modules and features

  • display key performance indicator dashboard

  • personalised email addresses

  • wage and salary rates

  • manage a specific member’s diary


A fully integrated log of staff activity is available so you can see who did what and when.


General Ledger

SoEasy comes with a preconfigured chart of accounts that suits most businesses.


You can add account codes to suit your requirements.

You can also create divisional accounts to keep track of specific areas of your business including sales reps, branches, and special projects.


Import Transactions

You can import your transactions directly from your bank's webpage.


Features include

  • automatic processing of known transactions

  • update of creditors’ accounts paid

  • update of debtors’ payments received


Special Features

  • estimation of GST due to be paid as a result of the transactions imported

  • estimation of tax to be paid as a result of drawings


These two features give you the ability to prepay GST requirements and save for end of year taxes.


GST Management

SoEasy automatically calculates the GST on transactions and provides you with a detailed report for your GST returns.


Features include

  • analysis of non-GST transactions so you can see why you're paying GST

  • if you detect an error, you can edit the transactions to suit

  • yearly summary of GST

  • online access to filing your GST returns



SoEasy provides many reports to help you manage your business such as Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet.


One of the most important reports is the on-screen cash flow analysis which provides you with an indication of how your business is doing on a monthly basis.

You can also produce budgets and analyse your budget performance.


Features include

  • export reports to spreadsheet

  • print reports

  • email reports