2015 Version about to be released

We are really looking forward to our 2015 version being released as it has some very key fetures for today's business enviroment!


It is currently in a limited release as we finalise distribution methods.


Stay tuned for more information via email or our web page.

Advanced Debtors' Management Plugin

Having trouble making sure customers are paying your invoice on-time?


The Advanced Debtors Management Pluging can be added to your system and can be configured to:


  • Email a reminder notice x days before an invoice's due date

  • Email a warning notice x days after an invoice's due date has passed

  • Add an Administration Fee and Use of Money Interest Fee x days past the due date to the invoice and account

  • Email information about late fees


  • Manual or fully automatic function.

  • You can set a specific customer's warnings off.


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