SoEasy has been developed over 25 years in close consultaion with actual users and managers. You can manage a wide range of administrational areas such as Cash Book, GST, Cash Flow Reporting, CRM Database, Products & Services, Stock, Quotes, Debtors, Creditors, Job Management, Time Sheets, Time Management and so much more.


Some people refer to SoEasy as the ultimate gaming platform because it is fast, friendly and fun to see your work dissapear so quickly with a fully integrated system, no doulbe handling required!


You can download your bank statement details and import them directly into the SoEasy Cash Book. When this is done, not only does "Conrad", the artificiall inteligence of the system, lean how to handle future transactions, he also updates your debtors and creditor accounts for you and saves you lots of time. Its fun to import :)


Our web based version is fantastic! You can work anywhere you have internet connnectivity. Imagine your administrator not even having to come into work, or staff not needing to come in to pick up job sheets. Not only can you save time but also vehicle running costs and that's a huge profit improvement just by using our web version!


Many suppliers are now providing downloadable product update files as well as invoices. SoEasy has built a system of import functions to import these files. This means your quotes and billing are always acurate, job costings tell you true profitability, as well as huge time savings!

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