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CodeDescription Core ProductsRRPVideopdf
SEACBSoEasy Accounting Cash Book$175.00
SEASBSoEasy Accounting Small Business$499.00
SEAMUSoEasy Accounting Multi User$899.00
SEAENTSoEasy Accounting Enterprise Single User$1,250.00
SEAENTMUSoEasy Accounting Enterprise Multi User$2,450.00
SEAANLSoEasyAccounting Additional Network Lice$399.00
Industry Specific Versions
SEAMMSoEasy Accounting My Mechanic Single Use$899.00
SEAMMMUSoEasy Accounting My Mechanic Multi User$1,299.00
SEATPSoEasy Accounting Trades Professional Si$899.00
SEATPMUSoEasy Accounting Trades Professional Mu$1,299.00
SEACMSoEasy Accounting Club Manager Single Us$899.00
SEACMMUSoEasy Accounting Club Manager Multi Use$1,299.00
SEAFMSoEasy Accounting Freight Manager Single$899.00
SEAFMMUSoEasy Accounting Freight Manager Multi$1,299.00
SEAITSoEasy Accounting IT Technician Single U$899.00
SEAITMUSoEasy Accounting IT Technician Multi Us$1,299.00
SEASIMSoEasy Accounting Service Industry Singl$1,250.00
SEASIMMUSoEasy Accounting Service Industry Multi$2,450.00
Specialist Modules
TIMEMAXTime Maximiser workstation module$499.00
TIMEMAXMGRTime Maximiser Manager module$1,100.00
SEAPSSoEasy Accounting Points System$399.00
Plug In Modules
DMMSUDocument Manager Module (Single User)$199.00
SEADMMDocument Manager Module (Multi User)$399.00
EM1Email Manager Module (Single user)$299.00
EMMUEmail Manager Module (Multi User)$399.00
SEADMSoEasy Accounting Despatch Manager$399.00
SEATMSoEasy Accounting Time Manager Single Us$199.00
SEATMCSoEasy Accounting Time Manager Controler$299.00
SEATSLSoEasy Accounting Time Sheet Logger$499.00
SEAJTMSoEasy Accounting Job Tracking Module$399.00
SEAQISoEasy Accounting Quick Invoicing$399.00
SEAQPMSoEasy Accounting Quote Process Module$399.00
SEATMPSoEasy Accounting TradeMe Plug-in$399.00
SEAWLMSoEasy Accounting Work Load Module$399.00
SEASMSoEasy Accounting Sales Manager$699.00
SEACCMSoEasy Accounting Call Centre Manager$1,200.00
SEASCSoEasy Accounting Stock Convertor$1,200.00
Point Of Sale
SEAPOSSoEasy Accounting General POS Single Use$399.00
SEAPOSMUSoEasy Accounting General POS Multi User$1,299.00
SEAPOSP1SoEasy Accounting Produce POS$399.00
SEAPOSFSSoEasy Accounting Furniture POS$399.00
SEASALSoEasy Accounting My Salon POS$399.00
SEARSSoEasy Accounting Repair Shop POS$399.00
SEAPOSCASoEasy Accounting Tailor POS$399.00
SEAPOSTWSoEasy Accounting Takeaway POS$399.00
SEADSSoEasy Accounting Delivery Shop Single U$899.00
SEADSMUSoEasy Accounting Delivery Shop Multi Us$1,299.00
Web Connnectivity Modules
SEAABSRAutomated Business System Rules$1,500.00
SEAABSAutomated Business System$3,450.00
SEAWPMSoEasy Accounting Web Processing Module$3,990.00
TRAIN1010 Hour Web Training Program$650.00